Only 3 Ingredient For Heart Therapy, Cancer Protection And Cholesterol Control


Dr. Philipova is an oncologist from Moscow and provides us a treatment for heart therapy which is consisted of fresh spring mushrooms, fresh cabbage (lat. Brassica oleracea) and natural linden honey.



  • 5 mushrooms
  • Fresh cabbage
  • One tablespoon of natural linden honey.


  1. Take fresh 5 mushrooms and they should have completely closed caps.
  2. Wash the mushrooms finely and pour them with boiling water. After that wipe down them with a soft napkin and squeeze them to get a clear juice (use juicer).
  3. Then take the fresh cabbage take the juice out of it in order to get 1 tsp. of juice.
  4. At the end combine the two juices from the mushrooms and cabbage and add 1 tsp. of natural linden honey.

You need to consume this combine in 3 days.

Meantime hold the mix in a fridge within the 3 days.


Take less than half a teaspoon, each morning on an empty stomach.
Don’t give this remedy to kids below 7 years.

The effect from this treatment is triple effective.


Source: keepyourbody

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