Pepsi’s Aquafina Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water, Coca-Cola Is Next to Confess



Tap water has been the topic of a lot debate recently as mounting evidence emerges suggesting that tap water often contains antibiotics and fluoride above the allowed amounts. For this reason many people go for bottled water instead. However, latest findings reveal that, in most cases, bottled water is nothing else than bottled tap water.

For this purpose, “Corporate Accountability International,” an advocacy group that’s been analyzing the content and quality of bottled water for years, forces corporations to clearly state the nature of the water they sell and to stop their misleading advertising.

As a result of their campaign, a week ago Pepsi Corporation finally admitted that they have been falsely marketing their Aquafina bottled water as purified or spring water when it’s really plain tap water. Now they will have to state clearly on the label that it’s nothing more than tap water.

This will inevitably cut down the sale of one of the most popular brands of bottled water worldwide.

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In the words of Michelle Naughton, a representative of PepsiCo, “If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it’s a reasonable thing to do.”

There’s another product that “Corporate Accountability International” targets and it’s Coca-Cola’s Dasani bottled water.  However, the Coca Cola Company still refuse to confess to false advertising although Dasani has also been discovered to be nothing more than tap water.

According to Diana Garza CIarlante, the spokeswoman of Coca-Cola, “We don’t believe that consumers are confused about the source of Dasani water. The label clearly states that it’s purified water.”

As far as the controversy around bottled water goes, there’s been another, rather disturbing piece of news. Namely, the largest water supplier Niagara Bottling announced that one of their springs had been contaminated with E-Coli, which made a lot of leading companies that produce bottled water to recall their products from the market.

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