New Research Reveals Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)


Ginger is without doubt one of the most potent natural remedies of numerous different health diseases. However, latest analysis signifies that this wonderful spice could even fight cancer!

Namely, studies have discovered that ginger can successfully cure cancer and its action is much more powerful than medicines and chemo.

After years of examinations, scientists have concluded that cancer medications really fail to deliver positive outcomes in most cases. They even accelerate the rate of deadly cases. However, this spice has been discovered to kill only cancer cells, while not harming the healthy ones.


Anti-Cancer Potential of Ginger

Specialists at the Georgia State University conducted a research on mice, which discovered that the ginger extract is extremely helpful in the therapy of prostate cancer. Namely, it succeeded to shrink the size of the tumor by 56%. Moreover, ti effectively alleviated inflammation and raised the amount of antioxidants in the mice.

PLoS published another study which gave proof of wonderful cancer- fighting properties of this spice. Experts claim that ginger contains an ingredient generally known as ‘(6)-shogaol’, which can be thousands of times more stronger than chemo.

Moreover, it also aims at the root of the problem, that means that it focuses on the stem cells in breast cancer.

The root, or stem, cells are also medically known as  ‘mother cells’, and they could trigger the formation of various cancer types. Moreover, they create the ‘daughter cells’ which strike the body. But, their power is due to the fact that they’re almost immortal. Particularly, a tumor contains just 1% of stem cells, and the rest consists of daughter cancer cells.

The stem cells are able to regenerate and live in a continuous cycle, and the chemo procedure simply doesn’t have an effect on them. Additionally, even if the tumors have been fought, they’ll once more stimulate the formation of new tumor colonies. Which means, only the death of the last cancer stem signifies that your body is cancer- free.

According to a modern analysis, (6)-shogaol is extremely useful, because it fights the cancer stem cells. Therefore, you  can obtain it while you’re drying/cooking the ginger roots, and use it in various cases. Ginger gives strong anti-cancer activity and its results are way more helpful than those of chemotherapy.

Researchers recommend that this unique element in ginger aims at cancer cells, and doesn’t harm the healthy cells, unlike standard cancer therapies. Particularly, cancer therapies, together with chemotherapy, don’t have the qualities of targeted cytotoxicity and also destroy non- cancer cells as well.

Moreover, (6)-shogaol has also been found to affect the cell turnover, which results in increased rate of death of cancerous cells. It encourages a process named autophagy and causes the death of these cells. Furthermore, it has also been proven to prevent the breast cancer spheroids’  generation.

Through the studies of taxol, the cancer treatment, researchers have found that its effectiveness was far lower that the one of (6)-shogaol in terms of the destruction of  cancer stem cells. Namely, when compared to taxol, this powerful component was found to be 10,000 times stronger in destroying cancer stem cells.

Therefore, (6)-shogaol in ginger has been scientifically confirmed to be probably the most potent remedy in stopping the formation of tumors,  while preserving the healthy cells unchanged.

However, current cancer therapies significantly harm the body and destroy its immune system. Therefore, experts recommend that there’s a need for further analysis on the  conventional cancer treatments, in order to show that the pure remedies could provide far more effective outcomes, and cure cancer, while not harming the health of the patient.


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