She Drank Honey Water With Lemon Every Morning For A Year: This Is What Happened!!!



Crystal Davis shares her incredible transformation story.

‘A year ago I was terribly sick with flu. Nothing I took from the drugstore would help. Then, a friend of mine recommended that I started drinking warm water with honey and lemon every morning. Of course, I was very skeptical about this, but as I had nothing to lose nor was I getting any better, I decided to take her advice. And then my flu simply disappeared. What’s more surprising, I really took to this highly beneficial tonic.’


‘I got into a habit of drinking it every day. This has already become a year-long tradition. Meanwhile, my body has undergone a transformation that I never expected to see. Here’s what’s changed for me:’

‘For a year or so, I’ve never come down with a cold.

Nor do I suffer from stomachache anymore.’

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‘I must also say that I have never believed in the power of folk medicine before. As a matter of fact, I have always been very dependent on medications. The minute I would get stomachache, I started looking for tablets. Or if I was down with chronical fatigue, I drank vitamin pills and so on. I hope you see what I mean.’

‘I haven’t even sneezed once for over a year. My headaches are also long forgotten. Now I carry honey and lemon everywhere I go. I drink this potion even in hotels.

I no longer have my morning coffee.

My lemon-honey cocktail actually cured my coffee addiction. My headaches too. Now I have much more energy throughout the day. I have a good night’s sleep and I smile in the morning.

Before, it would take me almost an hour to be fully awake. Now I am no longer nervous or nagging.

I even forgot the last time I had a morning anxiety.

I encouraged my family to also take this drink – and they too have become healthier! This is the greatest reward. Last year, neither I nor my family got flu or other winter ailments.

I don’t know how this magical potion works, but it DOES! I am enormously grateful to my friend for offering her advice.’




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